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A serene private room in the heart of Kyoto


Refined Japanese cuisine, fused with the rich history of Kyoto.
Welcome to the peace and tranquility of the ancient capital.
Passing on traditional Japanese cuisine to the next generation, and to the world.
Owned by Nobuaki, who succeeded founder of kinobu, Motonobu Takahashi, and second generation owner, Nobuaki.
A cuisine into which many generations have added their touch to; enjoy the flavors of past times and the changing seasons.
Our specialty, shark fin sesame tofu hotpot- a specialty dish designed by the current owner.
A new representation of Japanese cuisine, born from the endless pursuit of richer flavors.
An eye-catching innovation, with flourishing elegance.
We aspire to fascinate all guests, by using seasonal ingredients generously in each dish, full of tradition and surprises for the most delicate taste, and skillfully arranging the menu according to the season and the guest’s preference

Wine Selection

A pioneer of the wine scene in Kyoto.
Creating the perfect harmony with wine and the dish.

Bento box & Catering

Over 80 years of providing the best of Kyoto cuisine catering.
The capability of preparing refreshments, bento boxes, and Kaiseki (banquet) catering.
Able to cook 1,000 servings of the high-class Rakuchu bento boxes daily, covering the whole of Kyoto.
Superb flavor created with fragrance, texture, and savor.

A word from the owner

The founder, Motonobu, started a small catering business in 1935 here in Kyoto.
He went to the markets every morning at dawn, and carefully selected only the highest quality fish.
He then visited his customers to take orders, and by noon catered the meals.
Eventually Motonobu started delivering bento boxes to answer to customers’ requests..

Second generation, Nobuaki, started a restaurant which housed 200 guests.
Supported by local kimono stores and merchants, he provided Kaiseki (banquet) dinners.
However, Nobuaki never forgot the roots of kinobu, and continued the catering business which he expanded to all areas of Kyoto.

I, the third generation, wish to continue their legacy, while refining what I have succeeded and create new Japanese cuisine to pass onto the next generation.

Takuji Takahashi

We look forward to your visit.